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100 Flower Names with Meanings for Every Occasion

Flowers have held symbolic meanings across cultures and time periods, often representing emotions, virtues, and sentiments. The language of flowers, known as floriography, has been used to convey messages that words sometimes fail to express. In this list, we present 100 flower names along with their meanings, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human emotions and associations that these blooms evoke.


100 Flowers Names With Meanings

No. Flower Name Meaning
1 Rose Love, beauty, passion
2 Lily Purity, renewal, transience
3 Daisy Innocence, simplicity
4 Orchid Exotic beauty, strength
5 Sunflower Adoration, loyalty
6 Tulip Perfect love, elegance
7 Violet Modesty, faithfulness
8 Jasmine Grace, elegance
9 Peony Prosperity, compassion
10 Marigold Joy, protection
11 Carnation Affection, gratitude
12 Iris Wisdom, courage
13 Daffodil New beginnings, happiness
14 Chrysanthemum Longevity, loyalty
15 Poppy Consolation, remembrance
16 Gerbera Cheerfulness, optimism
17 Hibiscus Beauty, delicate beauty
18 Forget-Me-Not Remember me, true love
19 Bluebell Humility, constancy
20 Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends
21 Hyacinth Sincerity, constancy
22 Lotus Enlightenment, purity
23 Anemone Anticipation, fragility
24 Lavender Calmness, serenity
25 Camellia Gratitude, admiration
26 Magnolia Dignity, perseverance
27 Dandelion Wishes coming true, faithfulness
28 Amaryllis Pride, determination
29 Ranunculus Charming, radiant
30 Gladiolus Strength of character, integrity
31 Sweet Pea Pleasure, thank you
32 Lily of the Valley Happiness, humility
33 Cosmos Order, harmony
34 Freesia Innocence, thoughtfulness
35 Stephanotis Marital happiness
36 Queen Anne’s Lace Sanctuary, elegance
37 Baby’s Breath Pure heart, innocence
38 Foxglove Healing, protection
39 Heather Admiration, solitude
40 Jonquil Desire, affection returned
41 Nasturtium Patriotism, conquest
42 Pansy Loving thoughts, memories
43 Snowdrop Hope, purity
44 Snapdragon Deception, graciousness
45 Stock Happy life, lasting beauty
46 Wisteria Welcome, beauty in solitude
47 Yarrow Healing, protection
48 Acacia Friendship, elegance
49 Aster Patience, elegance
50 Calla Lily Beauty, purity
51 Columbine Strength, faith
52 Delphinium Open heart, fun
53 Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) Innocence, purity
54 Hellebore Serenity, tranquility
55 Jasmine Sensuality, amiability
56 Kangaroo Paw Affection, courage
57 Larkspur Joyful heart, lightness
58 Morning Glory Love, affection
59 Oleander Caution, beware
60 Primrose Youth, eternal love
61 Quince Temptation
62 Red Tulip Declaration of love
63 Saffron Crocus Wisdom, admiration
64 Thistle Tenacity, bravery
65 Uvularia Forgiveness
66 Venus Flytrap Captivating, enthralling
67 White Jasmine Sweet, amiability
68 Xeranthemum Eternity, immortality
69 Yellow Tulip Hopeless love
70 Zephyranthes (Rain Lily) Surrender, new beginnings
71 Queen’s Cup Conformity, virtue
72 Rock Cress Unity, fidelity
73 Salvia Wisdom, healing
74 Scabiosa Admiration, beauty in all things
75 Spider Flower Elope with me, soulful beauty
76 Star of Bethlehem Purity, hope
77 Sweet William Gallantry, finesse
78 Tansy Health, immortality
79 Tuberose Sensual pleasure, forbidden love
80 Verbena Enchantment, healing
81 Vervain Enchantment, protection
82 Vinca Eternal love, happy memories
83 Wallflower Faithful, enduring love
84 Waxflower Riches, enduring success
85 Zebra Grass Surrender, mystery
86 Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends
87 Lavender Calmness, serenity
88 Sweet Alyssum Worth beyond beauty
89 Lantana Rigor, liveliness
90 Quaking Grass Agitation, fear
91 Water Lily Purity of heart
92 Yellow Rose Friendship, joy
93 Daphne Victory of love
94 Sweet Basil Good wishes, love
95 Thyme Courage, strength
96 Sunflower Adoration, loyalty
97 Trumpet Vine Fame, prosperity
98 Tiger Lily Passion, wealth
99 Yellow Tulip Hopeless love
100 Zephyr Flower (Zephyranthes) Love in all seasons


The world of flowers is an intricate realm of symbolism, emotions, and connections. Each flower on this list carries with it a unique 100 Flowers Names With Meanings, a story to tell, and a sentiment to share. From the passionate love of the rose to the wisdom of the iris, from the purity of the lily to the joy of the marigold, these flowers enrich our lives with their beauty and depth. As we give and receive these blooms, let us remember that they are not only gifts of nature but also carriers of profound messages that resonate across time and culture.