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How To Apply For Scholarships In Bulgaria

Are you considering studying in Bulgaria but worried about the cost? Don’t let financial constraints hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Applying for scholarships in Bulgaria is a great way to ease the burden of tuition fees and living expenses. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to help you successfully apply for scholarships in Bulgaria and make your academic dreams come true.

how to apply for scholarships in Bulgaria

How to Apply for Scholarships in Bulgaria

Are you a student looking for financial aid to study in Bulgaria? Bulgaria offers a wide range of scholarships for international students who wish to pursue their studies in the country. In this article, we will guide you on how to apply for scholarships in Bulgaria.

Step 1: Research and identify scholarship opportunities

The first step in applying for scholarships in Bulgaria is to research and identify the available scholarship opportunities. There are different types of scholarships available in Bulgaria, including government-funded scholarships, university scholarships, and private scholarships. You can search for scholarship opportunities on the websites of Bulgarian universities, scholarship portals, and government websites. Ensure you go through the eligibility criteria, requirements, and application deadlines before proceeding.

Once you have identified the scholarships you are eligible for, you should create a list of the scholarships and their requirements. This will help you stay organized and ensure you don’t miss any crucial steps during the application process.

Step 2: Prepare and gather required documents

After identifying the scholarships, you need to prepare and gather the required documents. The requirements for each scholarship may vary, but some of the common documents required include:

– Academic transcripts and certificates
– Passport or ID card
– Proof of language proficiency
– Motivation letter
– Recommendation letter from a professor or employer
– Research proposal (for research-based scholarships)

Ensure you have all the required documents ready before starting the application process. You may need to have some of the documents translated into Bulgarian, depending on the scholarship’s requirements.

Step 3: Apply for the scholarship

After preparing and gathering the required documents, you can now start the application process. The application process may vary depending on the scholarship. Some scholarships may require you to apply directly to the university or organization offering the scholarship, while others may require you to apply through the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.

Ensure you follow the application guidelines and submit all the required documents on time. Late submissions may lead to disqualification, so ensure you submit your application before the deadline.

Step 4: Wait for the results

After submitting your application, you need to wait for the results. The scholarship providers will review your application and notify you of the outcome. If you are successful, you will receive an offer letter outlining the scholarship’s terms and conditions. Ensure you read and understand the offer letter before accepting the scholarship.

If you are unsuccessful, don’t give up. You can always try again for other scholarship opportunities.

Benefits of Applying for Scholarships in Bulgaria

– Financial support: Scholarships offer financial support to students who may not have the financial means to pursue their studies.
– International exposure: Studying in Bulgaria gives you the opportunity to interact with students from different parts of the world and learn about different cultures.
– Career opportunities: Studying in Bulgaria opens up career opportunities in Bulgaria and other countries.

Scholarships vs. Loans

Scholarships and loans are both options for students seeking financial support for their studies. However, scholarships are a better option as they don’t have to be repaid, unlike loans. Scholarships also offer other benefits such as international exposure and career opportunities.


Applying for scholarships in Bulgaria requires research, preparation, and patience. Ensure you identify the scholarship opportunities, prepare and gather the required documents, apply for the scholarship, and wait for the results. Scholarships offer financial support and other benefits such as international exposure and career opportunities, making them a better option than loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about applying for scholarships in Bulgaria:

What are the requirements to apply for scholarships in Bulgaria?

Applicants for scholarships in Bulgaria must have a high school diploma or equivalent and be accepted into a Bulgarian university or other institution of higher education. Some scholarships may have additional requirements, such as a minimum GPA or language proficiency.

Additionally, applicants may need to provide transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other supporting documents as part of their application.

What types of scholarships are available in Bulgaria?

There are a variety of scholarships available in Bulgaria for both domestic and international students. Some scholarships are based on academic merit, while others are based on financial need or other criteria. Some scholarships may cover tuition and fees, while others may also include a stipend for living expenses.

Examples of scholarships in Bulgaria include the Bulgarian government scholarship program, which supports students from developing countries, and the Erasmus+ program, which provides funding for students to study abroad in Europe.

How do I find scholarships to apply for in Bulgaria?

One way to find scholarships to apply for in Bulgaria is to search online scholarship databases and resources, such as the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science website or the European Funding Guide. It may also be helpful to contact universities and other institutions in Bulgaria to inquire about available scholarships.

Additionally, students may want to check with their home country’s government or other organizations that provide funding for international study.

When is the best time to apply for scholarships in Bulgaria?

The application deadlines for scholarships in Bulgaria can vary depending on the scholarship and institution. It is important for applicants to research the specific deadlines and requirements for each scholarship they are interested in and plan accordingly.

In general, it is recommended that applicants begin their scholarship search and application process well in advance of their intended start date for their studies in Bulgaria.

What should I include in my scholarship application for Bulgaria?

When applying for scholarships in Bulgaria, it is important to carefully follow the instructions provided by each scholarship program. This may include submitting transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and other supporting documents.

Applicants should also be sure to highlight their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and any relevant work experience or community service. It may also be helpful to explain how the scholarship will help them achieve their academic and career goals.

In conclusion, applying for scholarships in Bulgaria can be a great way to further your education and achieve your career goals. It is important to research the available scholarships and their requirements, as well as to gather all necessary documents and submit your application on time.

Remember, the competition for scholarships can be tough, so it is essential to present yourself in the best possible light. This means highlighting your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and any relevant work experience.

Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to the scholarship providers or other resources for help and advice. With the right preparation and determination, you can increase your chances of securing a scholarship and realizing your dreams. Good luck!