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Italy Sponsor Visa From Bangladesh 2024 Online Apply Link – visa.vfsglobal.com

If you’re a Bangladesh citizen planning to visit Italy, understanding the visa application process is crucial. Whether you’re visiting for tourism, family reunification, work, or study, navigating the requirements and procedures can be complex. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps and considerations for obtaining a visa to Italy.

Italy Sponsor Visa

While there’s no specific visa category in Italy known as a “Sponsor Visa,” individuals may be referring to different types of visas that involve sponsorship or support from a family member, employer, educational institution, or other entities. Examples include a Family Reunion Visa, a Work Visa sponsored by an Italian employer, Student Visa sponsored by an educational institution, Business Visa sponsored by an Italian company, and Schengen Visa sponsored by a host residing in Italy.

Understanding Visa Requirements

If you have a sponsor or host in Italy, they may need to provide you with an invitation letter or other supporting documentation, depending on the purpose of your visit. This letter could demonstrate your accommodation arrangements, financial support, and the nature of your visit. However, for the most accurate and up-to-date information on visa requirements and procedures for Bangladesh citizens traveling to Italy, it’s recommended to contact the Embassy or Consulate of Italy in Bangladesh or visit the official website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Italy Sponsor Visa From Bangladesh 2024

Types of Visas

Italy offers various types of visas for different purposes, including family reunification, work permits, study visas, investment visas, and more. Each visa category has its own set of requirements and procedures, so it’s essential to understand the specific visa that best suits your situation.

Visa Fees

In addition to the Visa Fees, applicant requires to pay the VFS Global Service Charge (inclusive of all taxes), as listed below.

Visa Fee 13340(Per Person) 116
VFS Global Service Charge 4370 38
Bank Draft Charge 270(Per Person)

Logistic fee includes free SMS, e-mail notification, photocopy, photobooth, translation, form filling assistance and courier (V2V) services

Exchange Rate is as per the current rate of exchange determined by the Embassy of Italy

  • Exchange rate – 1 Euro = 115
  • VFS service fee is inclusive 15% VAT


Please bring a set of photocopy document in A4 size paper to reduce your submission time at the center

Photo Specifications

Four recent 4.0*3.5 cm size color photograph’s taken in last 6 months (white background only.

Download Visa Application Forms

Visa Application Form

Please print this form on an A4 paper

 Long Term ( D-Type -More than 90 days)

Short Term ( C Type – Less then 90 Days)

To Download a Form:

  • Click on the form link
  • When the form opens, save the form on your computer


  • Press the right button on your mouse on the required link.
  • Select Save Target As from the list
  • Save the form on your computer.

Requirements and Application Process

The requirements for each visa category vary but often include completing a visa application form, providing a valid passport, passport-sized photos, proof of accommodation, financial means, and a cover letter stating the purpose of the visit. Additionally, applicants may need to attend interviews and pay visa application fees. It’s crucial to gather all necessary documents and follow the instructions provided by the Italian consulate or embassy.

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Challenges and Solutions

Common challenges in the visa application process include incomplete documentation, insufficient financial documentation, lack of travel history, language barriers, and complex visa categories. Solutions include double-checking documentation, providing comprehensive financial documentation, demonstrating previous travel history, seeking assistance from translators or legal experts, and researching specific visa requirements.


Applying for a visa to Italy requires thorough preparation, attention to detail, and proactive navigation of potential challenges. By understanding the specific requirements of the visa category, planning ahead, and seeking assistance when needed, Bangladesh citizens can increase their chances of a successful visa application. Despite the complexities involved, persistence and diligence throughout the process can lead to a positive outcome and enable a smooth travel experience to Italy.

Embassy of Italy

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3d Floor

Plot -12, North Avenue

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Website: www.ambdhaka.esteri.it

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