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Luce Scholars

Are you looking to immerse yourself in a new culture and gain valuable international experience? Look no further than the Luce Scholars program! This prestigious fellowship offers young leaders the opportunity to live and work in Asia, fostering cross-cultural connections and promoting mutual understanding. But what truly sets this program apart is the emphasis on personal growth and development, cultivating a new generation of trailblazers who are ready to tackle global challenges with empathy and resilience. Ready to join the ranks of Luce Scholars past and present? Let’s delve into the world of this transformative program and discover what makes it such a life-changing opportunity.


Exploring the Luce Scholars Program: Opportunities and Benefits

Discover the unique opportunities and benefits offered by the Luce Scholars Program, which offers a transformative experience combining professional development, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

The Application Process: Tips for Success

Learn how to make your application stand out and gain insight into the selection process for the Luce Scholars Program.

Life as a Luce Scholar: Living and Working Abroad

Experience daily life as a Luce Scholar and gain insight into cultural immersion, language training, and professional development opportunities while living abroad.

Impactful Projects: Making a Difference as a Luce Scholar

Discover inspiring examples of Luce Scholars making a positive impact through their research projects, community engagement, and cross-cultural collaborations.

What are Luce Scholars?

Luce Scholars are young Americans who are awarded a prestigious fellowship by the Henry Luce Foundation to gain professional experience and cultural immersion in Asia.

Who is eligible to apply for the Luce Scholars Program?

Graduating college seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students, who have limited experience of Asia, are eligible to apply for the Luce Scholars Program.

What is the application process for the Luce Scholars Program?

The application process for the Luce Scholars Program includes submitting a personal statement, a letter of recommendation, transcripts, and completing an online application form. Semi-finalists are then invited to an in-person interview.

What do Luce Scholars do during their fellowship?

Luce Scholars work for a year in placements that are arranged by the Luce Foundation. These placements can include work in fields such as the arts, journalism, education, and public health.

What are the benefits of being a Luce Scholar?

The benefits of being a Luce Scholar include a stipend, language training, professional development opportunities, and the chance to gain a deeper understanding of Asia and its cultures.

Luce Scholars: A Recap

The Luce Scholars Program is a prestigious fellowship that provides young American leaders with the opportunity to work for a year in Asia. The program selects talented individuals from a range of fields, including the arts, sciences, and humanities, and places them in organizations across Asia. The goal of the program is to build bridges between the United States and Asia and to cultivate leaders who have a deep understanding of the cultures, languages, and political systems of the region. In this article, we have explored the history of the Luce Scholars Program, the application process, and some of the experiences of former Luce Scholars.