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Muslim Baby Names With Meanings PDF List Download

Muslim baby girl names with beautiful meanings

Muslim Baby Names With Meanings PDF List Download. Muslim infant names are derived from Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Bosnian, Somali, and different languages. Here is a listing of Muslim infant names with meanings. Muslim Baby Names With Meaning in The international. Muslim infant lifestyle consists of carrying hijab, praying, and following the Islamic manner of life. We have uploaded a brand new call for the Muslim infant names. That`s why we’re the very first-class humans inside the international. Now we’re taking into consideration an infant`s call inside the international. Many obligations humans her son for choosing the call. Some call like on your the Muslim Baby Names.

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Muslim Baby Names with Meanings

1.A’idahGuest, the one who’s returningFemaleMuslim
2.A’ishahWife of the Prophet (SAW)FemaleMuslim
3.A’shadieeyahPrincess, cute, perfectFemaleMuslim
4.Aa’idahName of a narrator of hadithFemaleMuslim
5.AabanName of the AngelMaleMuslim
7.AabirahFleeting, transitory, ephemeralFemaleMuslim
8.AabishDaughter of Sa’d who was a queen of Iran (AN)FemaleMuslim
9.AadilJust, UprightMaleMuslim
10.AadilaJust, Honest, Equal, UprightFemaleMuslim
11.AaeedahVisiting, Returning, RewardFemaleMuslim
12.AaeeshaLife, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)FemaleMuslim
13.AafiyaGood HealthMaleMuslim
14.AafreedaCreated, ProducedFemaleMuslim
15.AafreenBrave, AcclaimFemaleMuslim
17.AakifahDevoted, DedicatedFemaleMuslim
20.AaleeSublime, highMaleMuslim
21.AaleyahExalted, Highest social standingFemaleMuslim
22.AaliaExhalted, NobleFemaleMuslim
23.AalimReligious ScholarMaleMuslim
24.AalimahScholar, AuthorityFemaleMuslim
25.AaliyahTall, ToweringFemaleMuslim
26.AamaalHopes, Aspirations, WishesFemaleMuslim
27.AamaneeGood wishFemaleMuslim
28.AamilDoer, Work manMaleMuslim
29.AamilahDoer of (good) deeds, RighteousFemaleMuslim
30.AaminahSecured, SafeFemaleMuslim
32.AamiraImperial, Abundant, InhabitedFemaleMuslim
34.Aani Fatimah KhatoonShe was a literary woman and a poetess in QastaniniyahFemaleMuslim
35.AanisahYoung lady, MaidenFemaleMuslim
40.AarifKnowing, awareMaleMuslim
41.AarifahKnowing, Women who recognises IslamFemaleMuslim
42.AarizRespectable manMaleMuslim
43.AashifBold, courageousMaleMuslim
46.AasifAn able ministerMaleMuslim
47.AasimPerson who keeps away from sinsMaleMuslim
48.AasimahProtector, defendant, centralFemaleMuslim
49.AatifKind AffectionateMaleMuslim
50.AatifaAffection, SympathyFemaleMuslim
52.AatiqahShoulder (support) oldFemaleMuslim
55.AbaanOld Arabic nameMaleMuslim
57.AbalWild roseFemaleMuslim
58.AbanOld Arabic nameMaleMuslim
59.AbasahDaughter of al-MahdiFemaleMuslim
60.Abbaslion; Muhammad’s uncleMaleMuslim
63.Abd Al-AlaSlave of the HighMaleMuslim
65.Abdallahslave of GodMaleMuslim
66.Abdul / Abdel / Abd alServant (of Allah)MaleMuslim
67.Abdul AaleeServant of the Most HighMaleMuslim
68.Abdul AdlServant of the JustMaleMuslim
69.Abdul AfuwSlave of the one who pardonsMaleMuslim
70.Abdul AhadServant of the OneMaleMuslim
71.Abdul AleemServant of the OmniscientMaleMuslim
72.Abdul AliSlave of the High oneMaleMuslim
73.Abdul AlimServant of the OmniscientMaleMuslim
74.Abdul AliyyServant of the Most HighMaleMuslim
75.Abdul AwwalSlave of the First OneMaleMuslim
76.Abdul AzeezThe servant of the most powerfulMaleMuslim
77.Abdul AzimServant of the MightyMaleMuslim
78.Abdul AzizServant of the Powerful (Dear) OneMaleMuslim
79.Abdul BaariServant of the CreatorMaleMuslim
80.Abdul BaasitServant of the Extender and CreatorMaleMuslim
81.Abdul BadiServant of the IncomparableMaleMuslim
82.Abdul BaithServant of the ResurrectorMaleMuslim
83.Abdul BaqiServant of the EverlastingMaleMuslim
84.Abdul BariServant of the CreatorMaleMuslim
85.Abdul BaseerSlave of the All-seeingMaleMuslim
86.Abdul BasirServant of the All SeeingMaleMuslim
87.Abdul BasitServant of the ExtenderMaleMuslim
88.Abdul BatinSlave of the unseenMaleMuslim
89.Abdul FattahServant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)MaleMuslim
90.Abdul GhafaarServant of the ForgiverMaleMuslim
91.Abdul GhaffarServant of the ForgiverMaleMuslim
92.Abdul GhafoorServant of the ForgiverMaleMuslim
93.Abdul GhafurServant of the ForgivingMaleMuslim
94.Abdul GhaniServant of the Self SufficientMaleMuslim
95.Abdul HadiServant of the GuideMaleMuslim
96.Abdul HafeezSlave of the ProtectorMaleMuslim
97.Abdul HafizServant of the ProtectorMaleMuslim
98.Abdul HakamServant of the ArbitratorMaleMuslim
99.Abdul HakeemServant of the WiseMaleMuslim
100.Abdul HakimServant of the Wise OneMaleMuslim
101.Abdul HaleemServant of the Mild and PatientMaleMuslim
102.Abdul HalimServant of the Patient OneMaleMuslim
103.Abdul HameedServant of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-PraisedMaleMuslim
104.Abdul HamidServant of the Praised OneMaleMuslim
105.Abdul HannanSlave of the MercifulMaleMuslim
106.Abdul HaqServant of the TruthMaleMuslim
107.Abdul HaqqServant of the TruthMaleMuslim
108.Abdul HaseebServant of the Respected and EsteemedMaleMuslim
109.Abdul HasibServant of the Respected, EsteemedMaleMuslim
110.Abdul HayyServant of the LivingMaleMuslim
111.Abdul JabaarServant of the MightyMaleMuslim
112.Abdul JabbarServant of the CompellerMaleMuslim
113.Abdul JaleelServant of the Great and ReveredMaleMuslim
114.Abdul JalilServant of the Great, Revered OneMaleMuslim
115.Abdul JawwadSlave of the BountifulMaleMuslim
116.Abdul KabirSlave of the GreatMaleMuslim
117.Abdul KareemServant of the Noble and GenerousMaleMuslim
118.Abdul KarimServant of the Noble, Generous OneMaleMuslim
119.Abdul KhabirServant of the AwareMaleMuslim
120.Abdul KhaliqServant of the CreatorMaleMuslim
121.Abdul LateefServant of the KindMaleMuslim
122.Abdul LatifServant of the Kind OneMaleMuslim
123.Abdul MaajidSlave of the ExcellenceMaleMuslim
124.Abdul MaalikSlave of the Master, the LordMaleMuslim
125.Abdul MajeedServant of the GloriousMaleMuslim
126.Abdul MajidServant of the Glorious OneMaleMuslim
127.Abdul MalikServant of the Master (or King)MaleMuslim
128.Abdul ManiSlave of one who preventsMaleMuslim
129.Abdul MannanSlave of the BenefactorMaleMuslim
130.Abdul MateenSlave of the FirmMaleMuslim
131.Abdul MatinServant of the Firm, StrongMaleMuslim
132.Abdul MubdeeSlave of the OriginatorMaleMuslim
133.Abdul MubdiServant of the OriginatorMaleMuslim
134.Abdul MueedSlave of the Restorer, the ReproducerMaleMuslim
135.Abdul MughniServant of the EnricherMaleMuslim
136.Abdul MuhaiminServant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the ProtectorMaleMuslim
137.Abdul MuhayminSlave of the ProtectorMaleMuslim
138.Abdul MuhsiServant of the ReckonerMaleMuslim
139.Abdul MuhsinSlave of the BenefactorMaleMuslim
140.Abdul MuhyeeSlave of the one who gives life and sustains itMaleMuslim
141.Abdul MuhyiServantof the RestorerMaleMuslim
142.Abdul MuidServantof the RestorerMaleMuslim
143.Abdul MuizServant of the Giver of Might and GloryMaleMuslim
144.Abdul MuizzServant of the Giver of Might and GloryMaleMuslim
145.Abdul MujeebServantofthe ResponderMaleMuslim
146.Abdul MujibServant of the ResponderMaleMuslim
147.Abdul MuminServant of the Giver of FaithMaleMuslim
148.Abdul MunimSlave of the GenerousMaleMuslim
149.Abdul MuntaqimSlave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retributionMaleMuslim
150.Abdul MuqeetSlave of the SustainerMaleMuslim
151.Abdul MuqsitSlave of the JustMaleMuslim
152.Abdul MuqtadirServant of the PowerfulMaleMuslim
153.Abdul MusawwirServant of the FashionerMaleMuslim
154.Abdul MutiSlave of the GiverMaleMuslim
155.Abdul MuzanniHe was a narrator of HadithMaleMuslim
156.Abdul NafiServant of the BenefactorMaleMuslim
157.Abdul NaseerSlave of the HelperMaleMuslim
158.Abdul NasirServant of theMaleMuslim
159.Abdul NasserServant of the Victorious OneMaleMuslim
160.Abdul NoorSlave of the one who is LightMaleMuslim
161.Abdul NurServant of the LightMaleMuslim
162.Abdul QaadirServant of the CapableMaleMuslim
163.Abdul QadeerSlave of the PowerfulMaleMuslim
164.Abdul QadirServant of the CapableMaleMuslim
165.Abdul QahaarServant of the Subduer and the AlmightyMaleMuslim
166.Abdul QahharServant of the Subduer, the AlmightyMaleMuslim
167.Abdul QawiServant of the Most StrongMaleMuslim
168.Abdul QayyumServant of the Self SubsistingMaleMuslim
169.Abdul QuddusServant of the Most HolyMaleMuslim
170.Abdul QudoosServant of the Most HolyMaleMuslim
171.Abdul RahimServant of the MercifulMaleMuslim
172.Abdul RahmanServant of the BeneficentMaleMuslim
173.Abdul RaqibSlave of the VigilantMaleMuslim
174.Abdul RashidServant of the Rightly Guided OneMaleMuslim
175.Abdul RaufServant of the CompassionateMaleMuslim
176.Abdul RazzaqServant of the Maintainer, the ProviderMaleMuslim
177.Abdul SaburServant of the PatientMaleMuslim
178.Abdul SalamServant of the PeaceMaleMuslim
179.Abdul SamadServant of the EternalMaleMuslim
180.Abdul SamiServant of the All HearingMaleMuslim
181.Abdul SattarServant of the ProtectorMaleMuslim
182.Abdul ShahidServant of the WitnessMaleMuslim
183.Abdul TawwabServant of the ForgiverMaleMuslim
184.Abdul WaaliSlave of the GovernorMaleMuslim
185.Abdul WadudServant of the LovingMaleMuslim
186.Abdul WahhabServant of the GiverMaleMuslim
187.Abdul WahidServant of the Unique OneMaleMuslim
188.Abdul WajidServant of the FinderMaleMuslim
189.Abdul WakilServant of the TrusteeMaleMuslim
190.Abdul WaliServant of the GovernorMaleMuslim
191.Abdul WaliyServant of the ProtectingMaleMuslim
192.Abdul WarithServant of the Supreme InheritorMaleMuslim
193.Abdul WasiSlave of the All EmbracingMaleMuslim
194.Abdul ZahirServant of the ManifestMaleMuslim
195.Abdul-AaleeServant of the Most HighMaleMuslim
196.Abdul-AdheemServant of the Most GreatMaleMuslim
197.Abdul-AleemServant of the All-KnowingMaleMuslim
198.Abdul-BaaqiServant of the EverlastingMaleMuslim
199.Abdul-BaariServant of the EvolverMaleMuslim
200.Abdul-BaasitServant of the ExpanderMaleMuslim
201.Abdul-BarrServant of the source of GoodnessMaleMuslim
202.Abdul-DhahirServant of the ManifestMaleMuslim
203.Abdul-GhaffarServant of the forgiverMaleMuslim
204.Abdul-GhafurServant of the All-ForgivingMaleMuslim
205.Abdul-GhaniServant of the Self-SufficientMaleMuslim
206.Abdul-HadiServant of the GuideMaleMuslim
207.Abdul-HafeedhServant of the PreserverMaleMuslim
208.Abdul-HakeemServant of the WiseMaleMuslim
209.Abdul-HaleemServant of the Forbearing OneMaleMuslim
210.Abdul-HameedServant of the PraiseworthyMaleMuslim
211.Abdul-HaqqServant of the TruthMaleMuslim
212.Abdul-HaseebServant of the ReckonerMaleMuslim
213.Abdul-JabbarServant of the CompellerMaleMuslim
214.Abdul-JaleelServant of the Sublime OneMaleMuslim
215.Abdul-KareemServant of the Most GenerousMaleMuslim
216.Abdul-KhaliqServant of the CreatorMaleMuslim
217.Abdul-LateefServant of the Subtle OneMaleMuslim
218.Abdul-MajeedServant of the Most GloriousMaleMuslim
219.Abdul-MajidServant of the NobleMaleMuslim
220.Abdul-MalikServant of the Sovereign LordMaleMuslim
221.Abdul-MughniServant of the EnricherMaleMuslim
222.Abdul-MujeebServant of the ResponsiveMaleMuslim
223.Abdul-MuminServant of the Guardian of FaithMaleMuslim
224.Abdul-MuqtadirServant of the PowerfulMaleMuslim
225.Abdul-NurServant of the LightMaleMuslim
226.Abdul-QaadirServant of the AbleMaleMuslim
227.Abdul-QahharServant of the SubduerMaleMuslim
228.Abdul-QaiyoumServant of the Self-SustainingMaleMuslim
229.Abdul-QuddusServant of the HolyMaleMuslim
230.Abdul-WaajidServant of the FinderMaleMuslim
231.Abdul-WadoodServant of the LovingMaleMuslim
232.Abdul-WahhabServant of the Best-owerMaleMuslim
233.Abdul-WarithServant of the Supreme InheritorMaleMuslim
234.AbdulBadeeSlave of the originatorMaleMuslim

Muslim Baby Names With Meaning

235.AbdullahServant of GodMaleMuslim
236.AbdulShakurServant of the Most ThankfulMaleMuslim
237.Abdur RashidSlave of the GuideMaleMuslim
238.Abdur RazzaqSlave of the provider; Ibn Hammam was one of those prominent people with this nameMaleMuslim
239.Abdur-RaheemServant of the Most MercifulMaleMuslim
240.Abdur-RahmanServant of the Most GraciousMaleMuslim
241.Abdur-RaqeebServant of the WatchfulMaleMuslim
242.Abdur-RasheedServant of the Guide to Right PathMaleMuslim
243.Abdur-RaufServant of the CompassionateMaleMuslim
244.Abdur-RazzaqServant of the ProviderMaleMuslim
245.AbdusName of the narrator of one of the hadithMaleMuslim
246.Abdus SaburSlave of the ForbearingMaleMuslim
247.Abdus SalaamSlave of the Giver of PeaceMaleMuslim
248.Abdus SamadSlave of the Eternal, The IndependentMaleMuslim
249.Abdus SamiSlave of the All HearingMaleMuslim
250.Abdus SattarSlave of the one who conceals faultsMaleMuslim
251.Abdus ShafiSlave of the HealerMaleMuslim
252.Abdus SubboohSlave of the Extremely pureMaleMuslim
253.Abdus-SabourServant of the PatientMaleMuslim
254.Abdus-SalaamServant of the Source of PeaceMaleMuslim
255.Abdus-SamadServant of the EternalMaleMuslim
256.Abdus-SameeiServant of the All-HearingMaleMuslim
257.Abdus-ShaheedServant of the WitnessMaleMuslim
258.Abdus-ShakurServant of the AppreciativeMaleMuslim
259.Abdush ShahidSlave of the WitnessMaleMuslim
262.AbeeraThe mixture of the smell of the petals of Rose and SundalFemaleMuslim
263.AbeerahRose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragranceFemaleMuslim
265.Abi KaramiGenerousMaleMuslim
266.Abi NubliIntellect, intelligence, brainpowerMaleMuslim
267.Abi RafdiHelpMaleMuslim
268.Abi SarwanGenerousMaleMuslim
270.AbidWorshipper, adorerMaleMuslim
272.Abidah, AbidaWorshipperFemaleMuslim
273.AbidinWorshippers, adorersMaleMuslim
274.AbirSerious, beautifulFemaleMuslim
275.Abir, AbeerFragrance, perfumeFemaleMuslim
276.AbisaliWarrior in IslamMaleMuslim
277.AblahPerfectly formedFemaleMuslim
278.Ablah, Abla, AblaaPerfectly formedFemaleMuslim
280.AbraExample, lessonFemaleMuslim
281.AbradHail, MailMaleMuslim
282.AbrarDevoted to GodFemaleMuslim
283.AbrashSpotted, SpeckledMaleMuslim
284.AbsharEyesight, visionMaleMuslim
285.AbsiProbably from ABASA to frown; this was the name of Abdullah ibn-Musa, a scholar and reciter of the Quran, died 828/829MaleMuslim
287.Abu al KhayrOne who does goodMaleMuslim
288.Abu BakarName of one of the Prophets companionsMaleMuslim
289.Abu FarhanKeeperMaleMuslim
290.Abu HirzanEffort, striveMaleMuslim
291.Abu JuhdiEffort, EndeavourMaleMuslim
292.Abu NajdiHelpfulMaleMuslim
293.Abul AuniHelpfulMaleMuslim
294.Abul KhairiGoodnessMaleMuslim
295.Abul WardiPerson who likes rosesMaleMuslim
296.Abul-HassanThe Son Of AliMaleMuslim
298.AbyadA narrator of hadith was so namedMaleMuslim
301.AbzariSeeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows; the Persian scribe and memoriser of tradition, Abu-Ishaq Ibrahim had this nameMaleMuslim
302.Ad’ifaahSmart, talentedFemaleMuslim
303.AdaGrace, ExpressionFemaleMuslim
304.AdabHope, NeedFemaleMuslim
305.Adab, AadabHope and needFemaleMuslim
306.AdamA Prophet NameMaleMuslim
307.Adan(Garden of) EdenMaleMuslim
309.AdawiGrandson of Sayyindina UmerMaleMuslim
310.AdawiyahSummer plantFemaleMuslim
311.Adbul-QawiServant of the Most PowerfulMaleMuslim
312.AdeebA literary PersonMaleMuslim
313.AdeebaCultured, PoliteFemaleMuslim

Muslim baby girl names with beautiful meanings

318.AdeenaPious, good luckFemaleMuslim
319.AdeevaPleasant, GentleFemaleMuslim
320.AdelHonorable Judge, One who Jugdes FairlyMaleMuslim
321.Adel / AdilJustMaleMuslim
322.AdhamBlack or darkMaleMuslim
324.AdibCultured, well mannered oneMaleMuslim
325.AdibaWell, mannered, cultured, polite; writerFemaleMuslim
326.AdilJust, HonestMaleMuslim
328.Adilah, Adila, AdeelaEqual, just, honestFemaleMuslim
329.AdiyA companion of the Prophet; also the name of the son of Hatim Tiay known for his generosity; also the son of Thabit had this nameMaleMuslim
331.AdliJudicial, juridicialMaleMuslim
333.AdnanOld Arabic nameMaleMuslim
334.Aduz ZahirSlave of the ManifestMaleMuslim
335.AdyanA nabee was named by this nameMaleMuslim
336.AfaaqThe place where Earth & Sky meetMaleMuslim
337.AfafChaste, virtuous, decent, pureFemaleMuslim
338.AfandiA status title for high-position personMaleMuslim
339.AfeefPure, Chaste, PiousMaleMuslim
341.AfeerahCovered with soil or dustFemaleMuslim
342.AffanForgiving personMaleMuslim
344.AfiaAway from all ProblemsFemaleMuslim
345.AfifChaste, ModestMaleMuslim
346.Afif / AfeefChaste, modestMaleMuslim
347.AfifaNeat ladyFemaleMuslim
348.AfifahChaste, modestFemaleMuslim
349.Afiyah‘Health’, free from illness and griefFemaleMuslim
350.AfizahA person who knows the recital of the qur’anFemaleMuslim
351.AfnanTree branches or twigsFemaleMuslim
353.Afra, AfraaWhiteFemaleMuslim
354.AfrahCelebrations, festivalsFemaleMuslim
355.AfrazStanding tall like a mountain,abilityMaleMuslim
358.AfsaProphet Mohammed’s (PBUH) wifeFemaleMuslim
360.AfshanAdornment aidsFemaleMuslim
361.AfsheenShine like a starFemaleMuslim
364.AfzalBest, top mostMaleMuslim
365.AhadThe oneMaleMuslim
366.AhdPledge, commitment, delegationFemaleMuslim
367.AhdiaUnique, The OneFemaleMuslim
368.AhlamWitty, imaginative; one who has pleasant dreamsFemaleMuslim
369.Ahmadmost praisedMaleMuslim
370.Ahmad / AhmedMost highly adored, or most praised; variation of the name “Muhammad”MaleMuslim
371.AhmarRed ColouredMaleMuslim
372.AhnafName of one of the narrators of hadithMaleMuslim
373.AhsanThe best of allMaleMuslim
374.AhwasHaving narrow, contracted or squinting eye; he reported his father quoting a hadith from Prophet; ” Do not ask me about evil, but ask me about good; tMaleMuslim
375.AhzabName of one of the narrators of HadithMaleMuslim
377.AidahVisiting, Returning, Reward, PresentFemaleMuslim
378.              hAidah, AidaVisiting, returning; rewardFemaleMuslim
379.AidhName of a reciter of the Holy QuranMaleMuslim
380.AigharShe was a religious, righteous womanFemaleMuslim
385.AimenMost CongratulatedFemaleMuslim
386.AinEye, thus ‘precious’FemaleMuslim
387.Ain AlsabaTreasure of the eyeFemaleMuslim
388.AiniSpring, flower, source, choiceFemaleMuslim
389.AishaLife, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)FemaleMuslim
390.Aishah, Aisha, AyishahLiving, prosperous; youngest wife of the ProphetFemaleMuslim
392.AjeebahA narrator of hadithFemaleMuslim
395.AjlahA narrator of hadith had this nameMaleMuslim
397.AjradahAl-Ameeh, was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawn (A.N)FemaleMuslim
398.AjwaName of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH)FemaleMuslim
401.AkhasA narrator of hadithMaleMuslim
402.AkhdanBest FriendMaleMuslim
403.AkhfashThere have been several men of this name; there were grammarians of this name in the 8th / 9th centuryMaleMuslim
405.AkhtarA Star, good manMaleMuslim
408.AkifahIntent, busyFemaleMuslim
409.AkilIntelligent, thoughtful, one who uses reasonMaleMuslim
410.AkilahIntelligent, logical, one who reasonsFemaleMuslim
411.AkleemaBeautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S)FemaleMuslim
412.AkramMost generousMaleMuslim
413.Al-Adur al-KarimahA pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt. She respected the Ulama and built religious schools (Madrasah) and mosques, She died in 762FemaleMuslim
414.AlaNobility, excellenceMaleMuslim
415.Ala al DinExcellence of faithMaleMuslim
417.Aladdin / Ala al dinNobility of faithMaleMuslim
419.AleemahKnowing, KnowledgeableFemaleMuslim
420.AleenaSilk of heavenFemaleMuslim
422.AleshaProtected by godFemaleMuslim
423.AlhasanThe handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandsonMaleMuslim
424.AlhenaA ring; (A star in the constellation Gemini)FemaleMuslim
425.Alhusain / AlhusaynDiminutive of the handsome, the good; name of the Prophets grandsonMaleMuslim
426.Aliexalted; Muhammad’s son-in-lawMaleMuslim
427.Ali / AliyyThe highest, greatest, excellent, noble; name of the Prophets son in law and the fourth CaliphMaleMuslim
430.AlimWise or learnedMaleMuslim
432.AlimahSkilled in music or danceFemaleMuslim
434.AlishaHonest, truthful, Protected by AllahFemaleMuslim
435.AlishabaBeautiful sunshineFemaleMuslim
437.AliyahExalted, nobleFemaleMuslim
438.Aliyah, Aliyyah, Alia, AliaExaulted, elevated, highest social standingFemaleMuslim
439.AlizaThe Daughter of Ali (RA)FemaleMuslim
442.AlmahdiGuided to the right pathMaleMuslim
443.AlmanKind, willing and wisemanMaleMuslim
447.AltafKindness, politenessFemaleMuslim
449.AltairThe flying eagle; also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation LyraMaleMuslim
452.Alzubra(A star in the constellation Leo)FemaleMuslim
453.AmaanThe most lovelableMaleMuslim
454.AmaarOne who prays 5 times and fastsMaleMuslim
455.AmahSlave (Female); Daughter of Khalid bin Saeed, a female companion, daughter of companion, had this name. She was born in Habshah, and was married to AzFemaleMuslim
456.AmalHope, aspirationFemaleMuslim
457.Amal, Amal, Aamal, AmalaHope, aspirationFemaleMuslim
458.AmalaHopes, AspirationsFemaleMuslim
459.AmaliMy ambitionMaleMuslim
460.AmaluddinAmbition of religionMaleMuslim
461.AmamSafety, ProtectionMaleMuslim
462.AmanSecurity, peace, safetyFemaleMuslim
463.AmanaFaithful, to believeFemaleMuslim
464.AmaniWishes, aspirationsFemaleMuslim
465.AmanyA WishFemaleMuslim
466.AmaraEternal beauty, urgent newsFemaleMuslim
467.AmatullahFemale servant of AllahFemaleMuslim
468.AmayaNight RainFemaleMuslim
471.AmbereenFragarance, amber, skyFemaleMuslim
474.AmeerCommander, Prince, KhalifahMaleMuslim
475.Ameer, AmirprinceMaleMuslim
476.AmeeraNoble lady, princessFemaleMuslim
477.Ameera, AmiraprincessFemaleMuslim
478.AmeliaTrustworthy, beautifulFemaleMuslim
483.Amin / AmeenFaithful, trustworthyMaleMuslim
484.Aminapeace, securityFemaleMuslim
485.AminahTrustworthy, faithfulFemaleMuslim
486.Aminah, Amineh, AmeenaTrustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the ProphetFemaleMuslim
487.AmirProsperous, populousMaleMuslim
488.Amir/ AmeerRuler, prince, leaderMaleMuslim
490.AmirahRoyal lady, PrincessFemaleMuslim
491.Amirah, AmeeraPrincess, leaderFemaleMuslim
492.AmjadMore gloriousMaleMuslim
493.AmjadMagnificence, splendorFemaleMuslim
494.AmmaarOne with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi , one of the early muslims, son of Yasir and Sumaya RadMaleMuslim
495.AmmarLong of ageMaleMuslim
496.Ammar / AmmarBuilder, constructorMaleMuslim
497.AmmarahAn inhabitantFemaleMuslim
503.AmroOld Arabic nameMaleMuslim
504.AmsahFriendly; of good companyFemaleMuslim
506.AmtullahFemale servant of AllahFemaleMuslim
507.AnaPrestige, self respectFemaleMuslim
508.AnahPatience, perseverenceFemaleMuslim
511.Anan, AnaanCloudsFemaleMuslim
512.AnasVery sociable; name of one of the Prophets companionsMaleMuslim
513.AnasahThe freed slave of the Prophet had this nameMaleMuslim
514.AnaumThe blessing of AllahFemaleMuslim
515.AnbarPerfume, ambergrisFemaleMuslim
516.Anbarinof ambergrisFemaleMuslim
520.AneesIntimate, friendlyMaleMuslim
521.AneesaClose, intimate, friendlyFemaleMuslim
525.AnikaVery uniqueFemaleMuslim
527.AnisClose friendMaleMuslim
529.AnisahClose, intimate, friendlyFemaleMuslim
530.Anisah, AneesaClose, intimate, good friendFemaleMuslim
531.AniyaConcern, LovingMaleMuslim
535.AnnamGod’s BlessingFemaleMuslim
536.AnniyahConcern, lovingFemaleMuslim
537.AntarahHeroic; name of an Arab folk heroMaleMuslim
538.AnumBlessing of god, gods giftFemaleMuslim
539.AnwaarLight, glow, gleamMaleMuslim
541.Anwar, AnwaarRays of light, blossomsFemaleMuslim
542.AnwaraRay of LightFemaleMuslim
543.AqeelahWise, SensibleFemaleMuslim
545.AqilOld Arabic nameMaleMuslim
546.AqilahWife, spouse; the best, the pickFemaleMuslim
547.AqsaName of a mosqueFemaleMuslim
549.AramSigns, flagsFemaleMuslim
551.AreebSkillful, AdroitMaleMuslim
552.AreebahWitty, smartFemaleMuslim
553.AreejThe fragrance of a flower from an orange treeFemaleMuslim
554.AreshaUnder an umbrellaFemaleMuslim
558.ArianaFull of lifeFemaleMuslim
560.ArifAquainted, knowledgableMaleMuslim
561.ArijSweet SmellFemaleMuslim
562.Arij, AreejFragrance, sweet smellFemaleMuslim
565.ArjumandNoble, HonourableFemaleMuslim
566.ArmaanDesire, hopeMaleMuslim
567.ArmanArmy manMaleMuslim
568.AroobLoving to her husbandFemaleMuslim
570.AroushAngel of paradiseFemaleMuslim
571.ArsalThe one who was sentMaleMuslim
573.ArshDominion , CrownMaleMuslim
574.ArshadBetter guided, honestMaleMuslim
575.ArshaqHandsome, well proportionedMaleMuslim
576.ArtahA narrator of the hadithMaleMuslim
577.ArubLoving (to husband)FemaleMuslim
578.Arub, AroobLoving to her husbandFemaleMuslim
579.ArwaMountain gazelleFemaleMuslim
581.AryanOf utmost strengthMaleMuslim
582.AryishaUnder tree/umberallaFemaleMuslim
584.ArzuWish, hope, loveFemaleMuslim
585.AsadHappy, fortunate, lucky, LionMaleMuslim
586.AsadelMost prosperous oneMaleMuslim
587.AsalahNobility of descentFemaleMuslim
588.AsarFourth Prayer of the dayMaleMuslim
589.AsbaghColoured animal, huge flood, dyerMaleMuslim
590.AsbahPure (as water)FemaleMuslim
591.AsbatA narrator of hadithMaleMuslim
592.AseedA narrator of HadeethMaleMuslim
593.AsgharShorter, Smaller, JuniorMaleMuslim
594.AshalinaSweet, always living, shy, lovingFemaleMuslim
595.AsharOne who has wisdomMaleMuslim

Muslim girl baby names with meanings

596.AsheeyanaHouse, nestFemaleMuslim
597.AshfaqCompassionate friendMaleMuslim
600.AshmathCorrect path, Straight pathMaleMuslim
601.AshrafMost honorableMaleMuslim
602.AshwaqLove, affectionsFemaleMuslim
606.AsilahNoble origin, pureFemaleMuslim
607.AsimProtector, defenderMaleMuslim
609.Asimah, AsimaProtectorFemaleMuslim
610.AsiyaThe Muslim wife of PharaohFemaleMuslim
611.Asiya, AsiyahOne who tends to the weak, one who heals, comforts, consolesFemaleMuslim
613.AsmaLoftier, more eminentFemaleMuslim
614.Asma, Asma, AsmaaExcellent, lofty, eminent, precious; daughter of Abu BakrFemaleMuslim
615.AsmaraBeautiful butterflyFemaleMuslim
616.AsmatPure, CleanFemaleMuslim
617.AsnaThe one to be acknowledged or praisedFemaleMuslim
618.AsraTravel by nightFemaleMuslim
622.AtaGift, PresentMaleMuslim
623.Ata / AtaaGiftMaleMuslim
624.Ata al RahmanGift of the BeneficentMaleMuslim
625.Ata AllahGift of GodMaleMuslim
626.AtaubaqHandsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to shareMaleMuslim
627.AteebVery piousMaleMuslim
628.AteefaAffection, SympathyFemaleMuslim
629.AteeqahOld AncientFemaleMuslim
630.AtharNeat, CleanMaleMuslim


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