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Posse Scholarship

If you’re a high school student with big ambitions and a desire to succeed, then the Posse Scholarship program might be exactly what you need to get ahead. This innovative program offers talented students from diverse backgrounds the chance to attend some of the nation’s top colleges and universities, all while building a tight-knit community of peers and mentors to support them along the way. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the Posse Scholarship program is all about, and explore why it might be the perfect fit for you. So buckle up and get ready to learn about one of the most exciting opportunities available to young scholars today!

What is the Posse Scholarship?

Learn about the history and mission of the Posse Scholarship, including eligibility requirements and application details.

How the Posse Scholarship Helps Students Succeed

Discover the ways in which the Posse Scholarship supports and empowers its recipients to excel academically and professionally.

Interview with a Posse Scholar

Hear firsthand from a current or past Posse Scholar about their experience with the program and how it has impacted their life.

Posse Scholars Making a Difference

Explore stories of Posse Scholars who are using their education to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education

Examining the broader impact of programs like the Posse Scholarship in promoting diversity and inclusion on college campuses.

What is a Posse Scholarship?

A Posse Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded to diverse groups of students who demonstrate leadership ability and academic excellence. It provides full tuition fees, room, and board for four years of college.

How do I apply for a Posse Scholarship?

You can apply for a Posse Scholarship by filling out an online application available on the Posse Foundation’s website. Applicants must be nominated by their high school or community organization.

What are the requirements for a Posse Scholarship?

Posse Scholarship applicants must be high school seniors with leadership potential, academic excellence, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. They must also attend a Posse partner college.

What is the selection process for a Posse Scholarship?

The selection process for a Posse Scholarship involves several rounds, including a nomination and interview process. Finalists are selected based on their leadership ability, academic excellence, and potential to be a successful member of the Posse community.

What colleges offer Posse Scholarships?

Posse Scholarships are offered at several partner colleges across the United States. Some of these colleges include Boston University, Brandeis University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

## Posse Scholarship: A Recap

The posse scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship that aims to increase diversity and leadership on college campuses. The scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, and a commitment to making positive changes in their community. Posse scholars are grouped into a “posse” of 10 students who receive support and mentorship throughout their college journey. The scholarship was founded in 1989 and has since expanded to partner with over 50 colleges and universities across the United States.