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US scholarship | Full Free Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students in USA

Would you like to get a US scholarship from Bangladesh then you have to understand the main criteria for a full free scholarship for Bangladeshi students in the USA?

You know over 850,000 students are really fascinated about abroad study and the USA is one of the largest countries where the student wants to go for higher education.

Most probably, more than 5% of students are going to the USA for their graduation or higher education. This number is not stable because it’s growing day by day. We are helping those people who are really dedicated to studying abroad.

US scholarship


What are the criteria for applying for US Scholarships?

If you are thinking about the best criteria then I must say that selecting a good place for studying is one of the best things for every student.

Also, getting a good mark on the exam is a great criterion but it depends on the university. Some of the university requires extracurricular activities which are extremely important for all of the student.

So, every university has some different types of rules and regulations which can be difficult for you but if you have any problem submitting your assignments.

You can contact any time with the main university where you want to go for studying.

Admission requirements for higher studies for the US universities Undergraduate Students

If you’re a Bangladeshi student and remember you have to have HSC and you have to finish a one-year degree from any university of Bangladesh.

If you have a break from the study then it shouldn’t be more than 1.5 years. Also, if your HSC result is below 4.00 then you are not perfect for this application.

Postgraduate Students

If you want to do a bachelor’s such as Hons, BSc, BBA, BA, and so on then you must know that you have to have a CGPA of 3.00 and a GMAT and GRE is important for all business courses.

Language Proficiency

If you are from English medium then ESL Program is the major course for you and your minimum IELTS score will be 6.5

Claims of documents for the United States

  • Passport size Image (white background)
  • Resume (CV)
  • IELTS Certificate (6.0 or 6.5 minutes)
  • Recommendation letters (for masters)
  • Personal letter for your career goal (for Masters)

How Can You Apply

  • If you want to get admission then find the best universities get the al information that will help you to Apply
  • If you want to apply then follow these directions which will help you to understand everything properly.
  • Always see the information of individual universities.

FAQ For USA Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students


How much time will need to get a USA student visa from Bangladesh?

If you are going to get a USA visa or an F1 visa then you will get it on that day. In some cases, it will take few days to confirm because they will judge your application.

How much do I have to pay for the F1 student visa?

Are you fascinating by F1 or USA student visa then you have to have a visa fee of approx? 140$? You will several ways to get paid such as:

  • Online Payment.
  • Make your payment at the visa office.
  • You got to pay the SAVIS fee if you want to apply for an F1 visa. Your fees will be 200$ for an F1 visa.
How much money do I have to show in my bank account?

If you are applying for the F1 student visa then you have to show 1-year accommodation cost and full tuition fees. Your fee will be approximate, 25 lacs to 30 lacs.