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National University In-Course Exam Notice 2021 – www.nu.ac.bd

National University All In-Course Exam Cancel Notice 2021 at www.nu.ac.bd. I will talk about an important notice to all students of the National University. Emergency notification regarding cancellation of in-course examination from 2021 to 2022 academic year. This is the first good news for the National University that there will be no in-course exams.

In all the districts of Bangladesh, in all the colleges, the in-course examinations are not on time. Upazila level of Bangladesh Is charging extra fees in the name of the in-course examinations. We often see that many meritorious students do not get the marks they get and they have to collect the in-course examination marks through money. That is why the National University has adopted a beautiful plan. And in this section, notice discloses the decision as per. That in course exam will no longer be.

NU In-Course Exam Notice 2022

It is to be informed to all concerned that the 94th meeting of the Academic Council held on 06 December 2021, has to Continue the in-course examination from the 11th academic year 2021. Instead, 50 marks for the money letter and 100 marks for the full letter will be taken.

NU In-Course Exam Notice 2022


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National University In-Course Exam Notice 2021 at www.nu.ac.bdAll students have no reason to worry about in-course exams. All numbers are now being asked to prepare for the 100 marks. And with that being said, no college can charge extra fees for the year. In-course is the name of the exam, so I informed everyone about taking the exam. I specially asked it to take the exam and prepare in advance. Thank you very much for visiting our website. To contact us for any problems.

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